Mum creates amazing kitchen island for just £36 and saves £163

Roberta McMurray wanted to add an island to her small square kitchen to have some worktop space.

She had a search online but the only affordable option that would fit was one from Ikea.

The unit cost £199 – so instead Roberta decided to be creative.

She took her daughter’s old Ikea Kallax unit (which she already had but can be bought for £25 in store) and added some inserts with doors to create cupboards.

She left two sections empty to use as shelves, with the bottom one a perfect place to store pet bowls.

To create the worktop, she took two Lamplig chopping boards which have a lip over the side. She used the 46x53cm size.

Roberta stuck the two boards to the top of the unit and then painted it and the doors in a grey colour she had recently used to transform her kitchen doors.

The whole thing cost £36 – £9 for each of the two door inserts and £9 for each of the chopping boards – saving her a total of £163.

Posting on the DIY On A Budget Official Facebook group, Roberta said: ‘I wanted an island for for my small square kitchen and I priced one small enough for £199 from IKEA but I’d still have to paint it to match my kitchen cupboards that I’d recently painted.

‘So I took my girls old IKEA kallax unit and made my own, not perfect but to say it was £163 cheaper than buying a new one I’m over the moon.’

Other people on the group loved the idea and said they would give it a go, with over 3,600 likes.

Some suggested making it even better by putting castors on it so it can be moved around, or legs to make it the same height at the counters.

Roberta said she wanted to keep it that height for her kids to help with dinner.